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   2012 Workshop on Accelerated Stress Testing & Reliability

  Managing Reliability in a Dynamic Global Market 

October 17-19, 2012 
Toronto, Canada

The challenge of managing Reliability in a dynamic global market is increasing.   ASTR 2012 will provide a forum to exchange knowledge and share ideas that address industry endeavors to limit field failures of products and to revisit existing qualification procedures.  The focus will be on improving strategies to screen defects and weaknesses in electronic, electro-mechanical, and structural systems while reconciling high product Quality and Reliability with low product development cost and time to market.  The program will feature industry leading keynote speakers and selected presentations.


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Major Topics


Re-Thinking and Re-Visiting Qualification Specs

§ Physics of failure, and how it is considered in the existing qualification standards

§ Do the industries need a new approach to qualify their products?

§ Qualification testing and its relationship with other types of accelerated testing


§ ASTR in Energy Efficient Hardware/Systems

§ Low power semiconductor devices, photovoltaics and LEDs

§ Durability assessment of Pb free solder & ROHS compliant packages, printed wiring boards

§ Energy Storage Systems-Batteries, Fuel Cells and Capacitor Technology.

§ Electrical machines and actuators

§ Avionics and Aerospace Systems

§ Military and Commercial Ground and Marine Transportation Systems

§ Power plants, distributed energy systems and utility interfaces in Smart Grid.

§ Solar, geothermal, wind, ocean and biomass power

§ Green Buildings and energy efficient constructions

§ Telecommunications and networked computation

§ Portable consumer electronics and Biomedical devices

§ Cradle to Cradle Design Framework


§ Accelerated Stress Testing & Field Failures

§ Improvements in test equipment and methodology for optimized test duration.

§ Acceleration factors

§ Latent failures screening methodology

§ No Fault Found Issues-Location and Elimination

§ COTS Components in military hardware/systems

§ MIL-SPEC design environment, testing of ruggedized systems

§ Mitigating the impact of obsolescence


§ Failure Analysis (FA) & Prognostics and Health Management (PHM)

§ Physics and Chemistry of degradation and failure mechanisms

§ Physics of Failure modeling in durability prediction

§ Fault isolation principles using specific degradation mechanisms

§ Failure Analysis tool development


§ Sensors in PHM

§ PHM Standards and Methodologies

§ Data Driven and Model based prognostics

§ Case studies


§ Predictive Modeling & Field Failures

§ Systems level reliability and maintainability

§ Life Data Analysis, Field data use in repairable systems

§ Modeling and analysis of ageing systems

§ Risk assessments at product conception phase

§ Modeling and simulation using probabilistic methods


§ Product Robustness & Cost Control

§ Design for Reliability (DFR) and Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

§ Product Qualification and Quality Control

§ Material Procurement and Supplier Quality Issues

§ ASTR in lean manufacturing environments

§ Customer satisfaction management

§ Software systems in health care management




Important Dates:

     First draft of presentation due: August 15.        à   download presentation template
     Final draft of presentation due: Sept 15.

Sponsored by the IEEE CPMT Society


Technically Co-Sponsored by

RS Society
IEEE Dielectric and Electrical Insulation Society

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society of the IEEE

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The American Physical Society
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