2010 Workshop on Accelerated Stress Testing & Reliability

“Bridging the Gap between the Test Lab and Field Failures”

Held October 6 – 8, 2010

Denver , CO


Was a Great Success with Many Excellent Presentations




Sponsored by the IEEE/CPMT TC-ASTR Committee 


 Workshop Keynotes and Tutorials


Keynote Title Speaker Affiliation
Bridging the Gap Glen Griffiths Director of Global Engineering Services, Hewlett-Packard
Constitutive Modeling and testing of Leaded and Unleaded Solders towards Failure and Reliability Analysis Dr. Chandra Desai Professor, Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, University of Arizona
System Health Management: Predicting Failure after Fielding a Product Dr. Kai Goebel Senior Scientist and Lead of the Prognostics Center of Excellence, NASA-Ames Research Center
Telecom Requirements for the Validation of Pb-Free Solder Gary Hazard Tellabs, Inc.
Life Testing and Its Role in the Probabilistic Design for Reliability of Electronic Systems.  Dr. Ephraim Suhir University of California, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Santa Cruz, CA
How to Design Accelerated Reliability Demonstration and Assurance Tests and Analyze Data Tests Using Physics of Failure Principles Milena Krasich Raytheon
Damage Mechanisms and On-Chip Interconnect Reliability: Current Practice, Recent Research on Accelerated Stress Testing, and Future Needs Dr. David Read Materials Reliability Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology
TBD Dr. Ephraim Suhir UC Santa Cruz
Scheduled Workshop Presentations    
Abstract Title    
Reliability Testing of Sn-3.5Ag Solder Joints for High Temperature Packaging Applications Govindarajan Muralidharan Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Accelerated Testing and On-Sun Failure of CPV Die-Attach Nick Bosco National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Achieving World Class LCD TV Reliability in a Low Cost Manufacturing Environment Martin Shaw Reliability Solutions Consulting Company
Acceleration Factors for Neutron Beam Soft Error Testing in Commercial and Avionic Environments Charlie Slayman Ops A La Carte
Engineering Design Analysis Gary S Drake US Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity
Electrothermal-mechanical Modeling of Multi-chip Power Modules F. Patrick McCluskey University of Maryland
Design of Electric-Drive Vehicle Batteries for Long Life and Low Cost: Robustness to Geographic and Consumer-Usage  Kandler Smith National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Knowledge-based Reliability Qualification and an Acceleration Model for Lead-free Solder Joint Hwanki Jeon Samsung Electronics
Advanced Modeling for Photovoltaic Durability Dirk Jordan National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Step-Stress Accelerated Degradation Testing for Photovoltaic Devices and Cells Jinsuk Lee National Renewable Energy Laboratory
New Army and DoD Reliability Scorecard Marguerite Shepler US Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity
Field Return Rate Estimation in R&D Stage with an Indicator Gürmen Kahramanoğlu Vestel Electronics
Reliability Evaluation of Lead-free PTH Solder Joints through Long-term Thermal Cycling Test Ivan Li Wistron Corp.
Bridging the Gap: Accelerated degradation testing of engineering plastics and their use in predicting reliability of components under subsea pressure. Amar Thiraviam Teledyne ODI
What is HALT and what is NOT HALT? Mike Silverman Ops A La Carte
Accelerated Environmental Stress Testing in the PV World David Dumbleton Atlas Material Testing
High Temperature Stress Management duriing HALT David Rahe DLi Labs
Accelerated stress testing of grid-tied photovoltaic inverters Mike Fife PV Powered
A Methodology for Comparing Efficacy of Burn-In with HASA Tom Peters Qualmark
Improving Reliability by Moving From 810g Vibration Screening to HASS Neill Doertenbach Qualmark

                    Vendors who Helped Sponsor the 2010 Workshop







General Chair

Michael P. O’Keefe, National Renewable Energy Lab


Sampsa Kuusiluoma, Modulight


Technical Program Chair

Don Gerstle, Murata Power Solutions, Inc.


Session Chairs

Keynote Presentations

Margaret Stern



Ephraim Suhir, UC Santa Cruz


Physics of Failure

Sambit K. Saha, BAE Systems



Charles Cohn, Tech Search International


Technology Applications

Haiyu Qi, Cameron International


Case Studies

Amar Thiraviam, Teledyne-ODI








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